Members Info

Fuel, Boating Products & Ice

There is both diesel and unleaded fuel available at the Club and Members will receive a discount when purchasing fuel from the Club.  There are also fuel additives, oils and other marine products for sale from the waterfront.  A Pump-Out facility is located on the northern end of the pontoon.

Ice is also available on an honour system from the refrigeration unit near the Marine Rescue office.  The honour book is on the window ledge near the Marine Rescue office.

Club Dinghies

There are two club dinghies available for Members use.  Please note that there is a 20 minute time limit per usage and we appreciate your co-operation in this regard.  There is also a dinghy on a hand winch near the pontoon ramp that is available to Members for more extended periods.  Please remember to secure the bung before launching the dinghy and removing it when finished to ensure the dinghy does not fill with rainwater.

Members Dinghy Storage

All dinghies in the club storage racks need to be identified. Please ensure that yours has your boat name or “Tender to” affixed in a prominent position. Failure to do this may have the dinghy moved to the car park.

Members Kayak Storage

There is a storage facility for Members kayaks located at the end of the lower car park.  Please ensure that yours has your boat name affixed in a prominent position. Failure to do this may have the kayak moved to the car park.

Founders Lounge Facilities

As well as the kitchen, dining, BBQ and toilet facilities on the first floor, there are the following facilities on the ground floor;

  • toilets and shower facilities.
  • Ted’s Tavern, a kitchen with a fridge and a freezer next to the waterfront office.
  • a “library” of donated books in the kitchen for Members usage.  Please feel free to donate any unwanted books.

Outboard Storage Facility

There are outboard motor storage rooms at the rear of the Founders Lounge (near slipway) which is for outboard motors only (no fuel tanks).  Please ensure that yours has your boat name affixed in a prominent position.  There is also an outboard freshwater flushing tank next to the rubbish bins at the rear of the Founders Lounge.

Laundry Facility

There is a laundry room at the rear of the Founders Lounge (near slipway) for Members usage.

Main Pontoon

To maximise the availability of the pontoon for all members on weekends and Public Holidays, all vessels are limited to a 20 minute stay.

Work Pontoon

Members may book one of the three work areas on the southern end of the pontoon by updating “Pontoon Bookings” under the “Members Info” tab and following these instructions for booking the pontoon.

There is both 10AMP and 15AMP shore power available on the pontoon.  Please do not plug 10AMP plugs into the 15AMP sockets as this will cause the plug and socket to melt.  The top 2 plugs are 15AMP and the bottom one is 10AMP with the 10AMP having a smaller earth pin.

When using the water hoses on the pontoon, please ensure you turn the tap off when finished as well as the on-hose flow control.  Spray guns are available from the Waterfront Office.