The Club manages 84 moorings at Cottage Point for the use of members vessels.

KMYC members are also entitled to the exclusive use of 15 club moorings in America and Refuge Bays, 2 at Coasters Retreat (The Basin) in Pittwater and 1 in Mullet Creek Wondabyne. The moorings are typically a standard red or yellow beehive mooring with a blue ring around the top and KMYC or the Club burgee marked on the mooring.

While a member can request any non-member to vacate any of these moorings, good manners and common sense should always prevail and such a request only made when the area is crowded or if you intend to raft several boats. The KMYC burgee should always be flown.

Should you have any questions, they should be directed to the Vice Commodore.

Visitors to KMYC may be able to rent a swing mooring overnight (when available) for short term stays at Cottage Point by contacting the Waterfront who can allocate a mooring suitable to your vessel.

Houseboat hirers MUST NOT enter the swing mooring area as it may invalidate your insurance should a claim be made due to an accident. It is much safer to anchor just off the point or alternately there are 2 National Park Public moorings available adjacent to The Cottage Point Inn. Use your houseboat dinghy to get to the Cottage Point Kiosk mooring which is in front of the Kiosk.

Click on the links below for approximate mooring positions

Refuge and America Bay moorings KMYC Moorings

Wondabyne Mooring Best to travel at high tide as parts of Mullet Creek are very shallow
The Basin Moorings  KMYC Moorings